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Staff Spotlight - Dave Daues - Brewer

Dave Daues (aka #BrewerDaveDaves) is our brewer. He does most of the (literal) heavy lifting around here: brewing, milling grain, washing and filling kegs, and cleaning EVERYTHING. He’s the oil of the Wellspent engine. His work ethic and positive vibes make our beer better AND make it possible for me see my family more often.

Dave came highly recommended by our friends at Perennial. He interned there for over a year, cleaning, washing and filling kegs, and doing odd jobs. Between his work ethic and the level of clean instilled in him at Perennial, he's built one hell of a foundation for becoming a great brewer.

If you see Dave having his shift beer in the taproom, ask him about Mars Rover: it’s his first recipe brewed at Wellspent. I’m so proud of him and this beer, and I’m super stoked to see him flex his creativity muscles and grow as a brewer and blender.

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