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2024 Memberships are now available!


Members of The Well receive unique beers on a regular basis, along with a host of other benefits, in exchange for a membership fee.  The Well supports our drive to create new beers, refine our brewing processes, and thoughtfully grow our business. In return, our members receive fresh beers made just for them, gives them a direct link to us, and links them to each other in sharing their passion for our product.

Our goals for The Well are as follows:

  • Share our love of small batch, experimental beer with our most fervent and captive audience.

  • Gather valuable and actionable feedback from the people who drink our beer most often.

  • Build a community from the individuals that have graciously supported our brewery.

  • Express our gratitude to, deepen connections with, and gather to celebrate this community.


2024 Member Beers & Benefits

There will be 7/8 drops of product throughout the membership period, with timing being "when the product is ready" as we don't want to rush the setting process.

We will create a wide array of The Well-exclusive beers using several creative methods: infusion/treatment, blending, input from our members, and inspiration from our beer-soaked brainstorming sessions. We’ll also pay homage to some of our favorite traditional beer styles.


Additional benefits include:

  • The Well T-Shirt.

  • Free Draft Pour every month!

  • 20% discount on draft beer and merch.

  • 3 Exclusive brews. These beers will go into cans and will only be available to members. 4+ Bottles (At least, probably more, 2 will be barrel-aged)

  • Access to our private The Well Facebook Group that connects members, communicates pickup dates, publishes beer information and answers any member questions by Dave himself

  • Annual The Well Member Celebration Party.

  • First right of refusal to renew membership next year.

  • A monthly newsletter containing pickup times, member beer info, upcoming events, and bottle release schedule.

Share Pickups

Share pickups will occur 7-8 times per membership year beginning in March. See Details for more information.


The Well annual membership fee is $300 paid up front or $30/mo paid over twelve months via automatic debit.

Please note: members who choose monthly payments are still enrolled for the entire membership year. This is not a “cancel anytime” option.

Join The Well

Memberships will be available to everyone on December 11th.

Details / Fine Print

Release schedule: Shares will be released as the product matures. Our goal is to space out pickups evenly throughout the membership year, but pickups are subject to change based on several factors (label design/approval/printing, production and packaging schedule, the beer telling us when it’s ready, etc.).

Membership Timeline: All memberships are bought and renewed on a yearly basis. Share pickups will begin in March of the membership year and end the following February.

Members that elect to pay monthly will make their first payment when buying/renewing their membership. After that, the automatic monthly membership payments will start in March. The final monthly payment will occur January the following year.

Though beer pickups don’t start until March, all other member benefits will be available immediately after purchasing your membership: merch discount, early access to special releases, access to The Well Facebook Group, and monthly newsletter.

Pickup Window / Proxies: We *strongly* prefer our members pick up their shares as soon as possible. We have extremely limited cold storage space, and most of the beers will be designed to be consumed fresh. We will hold shares for 21 days after the start of pickups for that share. After the pickup window passes, any remaining member beers will be moved to public inventory.  If you would like someone else to pick up your share, please let us know ahead of time. 

Exclusive Beers: While we intend for many member beers to be exclusive to The Well, they may be served on draft in the taproom, at festivals, or sold outside of the club.

Payment Details:

Memberships may be purchased via our Square webstore.

Monthly-paid members will make their first payment via the Square webstore, and then a monthly auto-debit will be setup for the remaining payments via our Square invoicing system. Setting up recurring automatic debits with an active debit/credit card is required for monthly payments.

Annual-paid members will pay their membership fee via the Square webstore.

Cans vs. Bottles: Small batch bottles may be substituted for cans if we have issues with our can supply, or if we create a small batch beer using our wild yeast cultures (to minimize risk of cross-contamination, we will not can beers that contain live bacteria, Brettanomyces, wild yeast, and/or saison yeast).

Contact: Please send any questions regarding The Well to our "contact us" form on the main page.

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